Have you been feeling shut off? That there are more days of feeling low than happy? Do you have a lack of energy and want to get healthier? Using pioneering technology, East Riding Libraries can give you a personalised path to better health and wellbeing.

You'll have the choice to come back for consultations over 12 weeks to review your progress and bring more joy and fulfillment into your everyday. This service, the first of its kind for library services in the UK, is free for East Riding Library members. Not a member yet? Sign up for free online.

Ready to get started?

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Pioneering technology

At your consultation, you'll use Boditrax, a medically approved body analyser, to complete a full body composition scan. From these results, the library team will discuss the five points of physical health that can indicate the current level of your wellbeing. These include; bone mass, visceral fat, water, metabolic rate and metabolic age. Your scan will provide you with 15 different measurements regarding health and fitness, that you can view and track on the free Boditrax app.

The healthy chats programme is available to all members of East Riding Libraries, however you will be unable to use the boditrax machine if you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, do not have all limbs, or are under the age of 16.

Why is wellbeing important?

Wellbeing is often talked about especially throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but what does wellbeing mean? It's more than just asking how are you feeling today?

Our wellbeing is connected to our entire outlook on life, on how we respond to stress at work, home and school. Whether we're 16 sitting exams, 34 and heading to the office, or 67 and looking for places to socialise, we all have to look after our wellbeing in unique ways to live our lives to the fullest.

What happens at the consultation?

Consultations will last up to 30 minutes. We recommend having at least three, six weeks apart, to get the most out of the programme. But you can choose to have just one, four, or more!

First appointment

  • Scan with Boditrax
  • Complete a quick heathy chat survey
  • Discuss available groups and activities

At your second and third consultations, you'll rescan on the Boditrax machine, discussing the results and any changes with our friendly staff member. Where possible, we will try to keep the staff member you speak with the same.

You'll then both discuss how the personal plan has been working for you, what you have liked about it, what hasn't quite worked the way you planned, before resetting your goals and what actions you can leave the appointment with.

All consultations will take place in a private, screened off area of the library. For first time users of Boditrax, the library staff will help set up your free account (you will need an email address). This account is used to log on to the Boditrax machine and free app to save results, compare future scans, set goals and you can link certain fitness monitors.

After your scan, you'll sit and chat with our friendly staff member to discuss the results and what they may mean for your wellbeing. Together, you'll build a personal plan on how to improve your wellbeing, which could include services available from East Riding Libraries, East Riding Leisure, Walking for Health, and many more.

Repeat appointments

  • Scan with Boditrax
  • Review how your personal plan is working
  • Discuss any changes to your personal plan

How to book your appointment

Boditrax machines are available at certain branches. Pop in, call or email to make your appointment during opening hours.