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The East Riding Schools' Library Service (SLS) supports schools with a cost effective range of high quality fiction and non-fiction books and resources, linked to the National Curriculum, to inspire children, enhance learning and foster a love of reading.

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Time Capsule - 2020 Year in Review Date: Tuesday 19 March to Friday 16 April

2020 will go down in world history as a time when globally, we all lived through the Covid-19 pandemic. This is such a unique moment in time, the SLS and Archives teams would like to capture the experiences and feelings of our children, to retain as a memoir in the Treasure House, Beverley. We are inviting SLS subscribing schools to encourage their children to create their own Time Capsules.

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Topics added to the availability sheet Date: Friday 26 February

Do you need a guided reading book to match a topic? Our book list now includes subject areas for each title and recently added books too - look for those highlighted in green.

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Who is it for

The SLS is for all schools, maintained or academy. Every teacher in a subscribing school is able to borrow 50 to 60 books per term at a fraction of the purchase cost. It is the only organisation which carries sufficient stock to provide a continually evolving library, supplying each teacher and every classroom with the books needed to deliver the curriculum.

If you are interested in our service, but outside the East Riding of Yorkshire local authority, please contact us to discuss how we may be able to meet your needs.

Ready to start saving your school time and money?

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What's included in the service

Experienced staff select and maintain the stock to ensure it is current, vibrant and fit for purpose. Contracts are made depending on your school type and size but all include:

  • Bespoke fiction and non-fiction boxes each term, chosen from a range of over 60,000 books with delivery and collection included
  • Books in excellent condition - we review and replace them regularly
  • Class reading sets (View availability online)
  • A wide range of additional artefacts and resource packs to complement books
  • Specialist dyslexia friendly fiction titles - just let us know when you order
  • Professional advice from our friendly team
  • And much more!

Ready to start saving your school time and money?

How to sign up
Which project boxes will you choose for this term? There's a wealth of knowledge in our box sets to boost every curriculum, at every level...
First words
From their first words...
... to their first discoveries.
From what makes man...
... to what man makes.
Take them around the world in 80 days...
... or maybe stay close to home.
Teach them about the smallest things in the world...
Kid group
... and then how small we are in the universe.
Let them discover a range of animals...
... and where those animals live.
Or take them back in time through the century...
... further back with the deadly vikings...
...you can't teach history in a day! Go back further still with the Romans...
... help them unearth the mysteries of Ancient Egypt....
... take their history travels to the very beginnings with our Stone and Bronze Age books.

"Stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction are chosen for reading to develop pupils' vocabulary, language comprehension and love of reading. Pupils are familiar with and enjoy listening to a wide range of stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction."

Ofsted School Inspection Handbook 2019


Books engage and inspire children, enhancing their learning, developing essential reading skills and building the foundations for a life-long love of reading. In addition, the Schools' Library Service has many other benefits for your school, including:

  • No fines! We deliver and collect, so you never have to worry about late fees
  • Fantastic value for money, saving hundreds compared to buying books
  • Bespoke boxes to suit your children and curriculum targets
  • Regular addition of new titles linked to the national curriculum
  • Enhances children's learning experience
  • Supports whole class guided reading for inclusive and fun learning

How it worksYou order, and we drop off and collect. That's all there is to it!

Send us your order
Order forms are curriculum based and emailed to schools. Simply complete with your requirements and email to us.
We deliver
At the start of each term we will deliver your requested non-fiction box complete with a few artefacts to bring the curriculum to life. Fiction boxes are delivered seperately.
We collect
At the end of the term, we will come and collect your books.

Ready to start saving your school time and money?

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How much could your school save?

Our competitive pricing structure ensures that each book you borrow through the Schools Library Service is a potential saving; offering access to a huge catalogue of titles and topics each term at a fraction of the cost of creating your own collection.

For example - a local school orders 50 books a term each for three classes. These 450 books would have cost the school around £3,600 per year (based on an average cost to school of £8 per book). The School Library Service charges this school £208 for the year - a potential saving of £3,392.

Ready to start saving your school time and money?

How to sign up

"A good school library service can have a significant impact on pupils' literacy. We would like to see all schools have a well-stocked library."

Department of Education
Encouraging Reading for Pleasure

How to sign up

Get in touch with the Schools' Library Service team and let us know your name, school and a contact email so we can discuss options for your school. Still unsure about the benefits for your school? We're happy to have a chat with no obligation to sign up.

Ready to start saving your school time and money? Email us on schools.library.service@eastriding.gov.uk or call (01482) 392726 or 392728.

Not a teacher?

If you are a parent, and would like to encourage your child's school to join the Schools' Library Service, simply contact us or share this information with them.

Time Capsule

The Schools' Library Service and East Riding Archives invite your children to create a 2020 Year in Review Time Capsule, preserving their memories of a unique time in world history for future generations.

Not only can children create their own snapshot of a unique time in global history, they have the chance to have their memoirs saved for ever, in the East Riding Archives at the Treasure House, Beverley. What a fabulous legacy to leave for future generations - an account of how Covid-19 affected our lives in the East Riding - observed through the eyes of our children as they lived through it. (Please note: Nothing will be retained without written permission from parents)

"We are all living through history and something I have wanted to do from the beginning is create a keepsake of this moment for us to look back on..."

Natalie Long - Long Creations, Canada

Download the Year in Review to print, or view online and use it to inspire your own Time Capsule document.

Download Year in Review (PDF)
What is the Time Capsule
Early in 2020, Natalie Long, of Long Creations, Canada, created a Covid-19 Time Capsule and shared it with the world, to record how a unique moment in global history affected the lives of our children.

On Monday 8 March, our schools welcomed all children back into the classroom for the first time in 2021. What better time could there be, to encourage our children to capture their experiences, before those important memories fade. The new '2020 Review Time Capsule' is a great way for children to reflect and record their feelings, so future generations can learn how Covid-19 changed our 'normal' almost overnight. More importantly, it is a record seen through the eyes of our children, as they adjusted to huge changes in their lives, and a way to share their hopes for 2021 as we work towards a more hopeful future.
How can subscribing schools help?
If you have children in your school, who would like to send examples to us, the 2020 Time Capsule PDF can be downloaded via the link on this page. This can be completed in school if you wish, but there is no expectation to do this. The link can be shared with parents/carers, to download the Time Capsule for children to use at home over the Easter holiday. Children can choose which pages to complete, or create their own on plain paper, but we are limiting it to two pages. We need the child's name, age and school, written clearly in pen, on the back of each page, at the bottom.

No internet or printer access - no problem. Children can create their own pages on plain paper. (Two pages is the maximum) There is no obligation to complete the Time Capsule. It is the children's choice. The information page for children will help with ideas to do this.

Please email the Schools' Library Service at jacqueline.bonell@eastriding.gov.uk to register your interest.
Return Time Capsules by 16th April 2021
Time Capsules should be returned to the school by Friday 16 April 2021 if possible, allowing time to complete over the Easter holidays. Once returned, all submissions can be placed in an envelope with the school name on. We will arrange to collect the work from your school or use the courier service. Entries can still be sent up to the end of April 2021.
Information for children - Oh What a Year!

Creating your capsule

  • Download the 2020 Year in Review - choose two pages to complete.
  • No internet or printer! - No problem - Just create your own on plain paper.
  • Remember: Only send in 2 pages and use only one side of the sheet. Pencils or pens are fine but no felt tips please. Small drawings are allowed, but it is your thoughts and feelings we really want.
  • Write your name, age and school, on the back of each page at the bottom.

Here are some ideas you could include in your Time Capsule:

Home Schooling: What was it like to learn from home? How did you feel?

Life in Lockdown: Who did you miss? (Grandparents, family, friends)

What did you miss? (sports/activities, going to the cinema/restaurant/shopping, holidays)

What things were good, or made you happy?

  • Did you learn new skills? (Baking, gardening, growing vegetables - learning to virtually see your family)
  • How did it feel to do some of your favourite things again during the summer?

Going back to school in a bubble: How has life changed in school for you?

What are your hopes for the future?What do you want most for you and your family?

Return your pages to your school by Friday 16 April 2021

THANK YOU from the Schools' Library Service and the East Riding Archives. Your memories of this time are really important, so future generations can learn about our very different lives during 2020 and 2021.

What will happen to the selected Time Capsules?
The Schools' Library Service and the Archives departments will choose a selection to store in the Archives, at the Treasure House in Beverley, as a permanent reminder of living through Covid-19 and working together for a brighter future ahead.

We will also scan a selection to show on our webpage and all participating schools will be acknowledged for their help in creating this collection. Original copies are required, so children may want to make a copy of their capsule prior to submission. We will let all schools know which children have had work selected, as permission is required from parents/guardians to retain work in the Archives.