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Choose from a massive selection of talking books. Listen while you work, walk or wait. Instructions on how to download your free eAudiobooks are on this page or if you have already signed up, use the links to jump straight to Overdrive or Borrowbox and begin listening.

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Before you start

You can borrow eAudiobooks and listen on the go using two different apps for East Riding Libraries. With Overdrive and the Libby app, you can access eAudiobooks and eMagazines from the same account, or with BorrowBox, you can get eAudiobooks and eBooks on the same account. You can have both apps on your device, and enjoy reading, listening and relaxing whenever the mood takes you.

To set up your device to borrow eAudiobooks you will need:

  • A library membership You need to be a member of East Riding Libraries and have an online account. Find out how to join on the Memberships page.

For Overdrive and the Libby app

For BorrowBox

Borrow eAudiobooks

Step 1
Login to your chosen eAudiobook App or website
Step 2
Browse the collections and click into your chosen title
Step 3
Click on 'borrow' (on Overdrive you can select 7, 14 or 21 days)
Step 4
It will automatically download for you to listen offline or online

How many eAudiobooks can I have?

You can borrow up to eight eAudiobooks at a time. On Overdrive you select a loan period of 7, 14 or 21 days. In your app settings you can set it to auto-download everything, only titles under 20 megabytes or nothing. On BorrowBox the default loan period is 21 days.

Your eAudiobook is automatically returned on the due date, or you can return the eAudiobook early or renew it.

Remember there is free public Wi-Fi at all of our branch libraries to download your eAudiobooks.

Overdrive (Libby) offers both eAudiobooks and eMagazines. You can download both using the same login.

Happy listening!