19-25 October

Get Online Week

Get Online Week

This year, East Riding Libraries are encouraging you to 'Do something different' on the internet. We've chosen topics and activities that we think will inspire you, make you laugh, bring out your creativity but most of all be different to what you might normally do on the internet.


The internet is a great place to get creative. Make some new art, compose new music or even create your own films!


Whilst the local comedy club might be closed, there are plenty of laughs to be found online. Find funny videos, hilarious games and amusing pictures in a matter of seconds.


Why not use your spare time to learn something new? Whether it is computer skills or learning to play an instrument, guides can be found all over the internet.


If radio is playing the same boring songs over and over, you can get online and listen to something different. Listen to your favourite books, narrated by famous voices or discover a new podcast discussing topics that matter to you.


There are thousands of games that can be played online, some which you can play by yourself and others which you can play with your friends.


There is no need to visit the shop just for the local newspaper or to pick up a new book. You can download books, newspapers and magazines in seconds with an East Riding Libraries membership!


Do you have any burning questions that need answering? The internet is one of the best places to find out new information. Just remember to check that it's coming from a trusted source!