Deliveries and Mobile Libraries

At Home Service

The East Riding Libraries 'At Home' service offers free delivery and collection of Library books every four weeks to customers within the community who are unable to get to their local Library or Mobile Library due to disability, illness or transport, and who have no one who can go for them.

The 'At Home' team have received some wonderful feedback throughout the recent lockdowns;

It's better than Christmas!
The days are so long when you don't see anyone, I couldn't cope without my books, I'm so grateful.
I can't believe that you've taken the time to bring me books all the way out here, you cannot appreciate what this has meant to me.

If you know of anyone; family members, neighbours or someone in the community who would benefit from the 'At Home' service, please get in touch with our team by email at or call on 01482 392746

*Please note, if you are currently unable to get to your library due to isolation or shielding linked to COVID-19, please get in touch with your local East Riding library ( who have teamed up with Tigers Trust to offer a local delivery and collection service.